Bridle work products from Berney Saddlery

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Berney bridles use only the finest quality British bridle butts from quality leather carriers, our bridles are always a minimum of 3.75mm thick for ultimate strength and durability.

Joe Berney takes pride in selecting only the finest hides, stained and sealed, the leather is then buffed and polished to a fine sheen, ready for stitching

Berney Bridles are cut and stitched by fourth generation Joe Berney, a Berney bridle is designed to give you and your horse comfort and safety.

Bridles and Breast Plates:
Pelham Bridle
Snaffle Bridle
- Stitched Noseband
Pelham Bridle
Snaffle Bridle - Flash Noseband
Snaffle Bridle - Heavyweight Hunt

Double Bridle
Hunt Breast Plate

Double Bridle


Flash Noseband
Grackle Noseband
Mexican Grackle
Mexician Noseband

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