Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting advice by Berney Saddlery

To ensure a good fit – you need a good template.

To take a Template of your horse’s back width and wither profile follow this simple step by step guide. You’ll need to hold horse on firm level ground, have pen, chalk and a wire coat hanger (straightened out).

Creating a Template

Step 1: Stand horse four square, head up, looking straight ahead. From the nearside feel for the top edge of his shoulder blade(scapula) with your fingers.

Step 2: When you’ve located the higest point to the scapula measure 2″ (three fingers width approx) behind it and mark the coat with the chalk.

Step 3: Taking this mark as your starting point, mould the hanger over the withers so it hugs the contours of the horse’s sides.

Step 4: Lift the hanger gently and replace it in exactly the same place – it should settle snugly if it has been shaped correctly. Place the hanger on a sheet of paper and draw around the inside of the arch.

Step 5: Next making sure your horse is standing four-square with his neck straight, mould the hanger along his spine starting at the highest point of the withers. Draw the underside of this wither profile curve onto your sheet of paper.

Step 6: Fax this ensuring your name, address, phone number and email details are on it to + 353 53 9233380.

Our success at fitting the saddle depends on the accuracy of this information, it runs at about 95% on our first try !

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